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Is There Really Going To Be “Made In Abyss Season 2” in 2020?

Is There Really Going To Be “Made In Abyss Season 2” in 2020?

Among the many popular manga adaptations, one of the popular ones is the Made In Abyss. This is an anime that has in it’s a world filled with mysteries. But the fans are asking the question, is there going to be the Made In Abyss Season 2 in 2020 or not?

Without the lease of the 2nd season, the audience will never get to see their beloved characters like Riko, Regu, and Nanachi as they are exploring the deepest parts of the abyss. The series has quite a lot of mysterious relics and creatures in it that still remain to be seen.


The only way one can learn about all these things is through reading the manga of Made In Abyss. But the thing is that the anime adaptation with its OST, animation, and voice acting is much more popular and profitable. These are also the main reason that many of the fans are eagerly and patiently waiting for the Made In Abyss Season 2.

Now coming to the harsh truth; Made In Abyss Season 2 is yet to be announced officially in 2020. Also, there are currently no rumors or insider-news about the project being sanctioned for Season 2.

How to Figure Out If There Is Going To Be A “Made In Abyss Season 2”?

After carefully and deeply observing hundreds of different anime shows for the many past years, we find a ear complete method of determining if there will be a sequel to an anime project or not.

The method we have been making use of is about 95 percent accurate which takes into consideration things like sales, source material availability, and the popularity among readers and watchers. Observing all this information can allow a person to deduce if there will be plans for the continuation of an anime series.

We also made the same observation with Made In Abyss. So, if you are eager to learn is there really going to be Made In Abyss Season 2 in 2020, you need to continue reading this post. We will be providing all this information in 3 easy to understand parts to let you know if you can expect a sequel soon or not.

Section I: Source Material Info About “Season 2”:-


Quite a lot of anime projects are only adapted into their animation form after they have been around for a couple of years. These source materials can be in different forms such as manga, light novels, games, or manhwa. As for the Made In Abyss, the source material for this franchise’s animation, it is manga.

We will now check how many volumes of the manga have been released so far and also if the story in manga is still ongoing. Any ongoing manga adapted into an anime will have chance for a sequel if the manga is still ongoing. There can always be an exception to this fact such as in case of Demon Slayer. The manga has ended but there will definitely be Kinetsu No Yaiba Season 2. We will also be checking as to how many of the manga volumes were made use of in the making of the Made In Abyss Season 1 and its movie. This is because in some cases like that of No Game No Life Season 2, which no longer has source material for a sequel.

How many Light Novel/Manga volumes Does Made in Abyss have?

So far, in Japan, 9 volumes of the Made In Abyss manga have been released. This is also including the anthology manga titled “Meido in Abisu Kōshiki Ansorojī: Doshigataki Tankutsuka-tachi”.

Is it in Continuation?

As of 2020, the manga is still continuing and the author of manga Akihito Tsukushi released the last volume back on 27th July 2020 in Japan. The author has a schedule of writing and releasing one volume each year and this has been the case for the last 5 years. Despite there being a one volume release each year, the release is steady to satiate the reading hunger of fans.

Which volumes of light novel have been covered for anime?

The Made In Abyss Season 1 was aired back in 2017 and it covered the story of volume 1 to 4 of the manga source. As for the movie titled “ukaki Tamashii no Reimei”, it used the material of what was left from the Volume 4 and the volume 5 of the manga. This means that the volume 6 will be the start of season 2 of this anime and it is the one waiting for a sequel.


At the moment, there are still 4 more volumes of the Made in Abyss manga remaining that can be adapted for Season 2. This much source material can be enough for a decent sequel adaptation.

Section II: Information about Sales & Profit:-


If an anime project fails to deliver enough profits from its Season 1 the there would be no point in pursuing it further for a sequel. No financer would back such a project as in the case of Rakudai Kisihi No Cavalry Season 2. The production committee on this project is still holding its decision as it couldn’t deliver expected profits.

A well-known anime project such as the Made in Abyss can cost anywhere near from 2 to 3 million dollars. This is including all of the cost like production and marketing cost. So the key information in this portion would be to see the profits from both the anime and the movie projects. If the profits from the movie didn’t hold much merit on box office release, this could damage the chance for the continuation of the Made in Abyss Season 2 like in the case of Goblin Slayer Season 2.

Blu-Ray sales:

Made in Abyss Season 1 had about 5500 blu-ray sales on average. For anything that has over 5000 blu-ray sales in 2020, it is considered a great thing so we are happy about this part. Blu-ray sales are just a bonus profit for any video or audio content as online streaming is taking over the world by storm. A common example of such success is the Mob Psycho 100 which is the reason why there will be the Mob Psycho 100 Season 3.

Manga sales:

Made in Abyss manga volume 8 was released in Japan back on 30th May, 2020 and it sold about 120K copies. The volume 9 of the manga was also released a short while ago and in the first week alone, the sales reached 80000 copies. Still, these manga sales are less than what is expected of a one-coure manga but still it is an okay figure. This is because with the release of one volume each year, the franchise might not make huge money from the sales.


There are about 30 figurines available online and in stores for Made in Abyss. Most of these are of characters Riko, Regu, Prushka, and Nanachi. The franchise also has 300 other merchandise for sale. The release of anime series and movie led to an increase into the manufacturing and release of merchandise which is a great omen for a franchise. These merchandise items are selling at a satisfactory rate and it’s increasing the profits for the franchise.

The thing that makes us happy for this franchise is that all the characters of the series are getting their figurines and merchandise items. It is not like the case for Accel World for which only Kuroyukihime was the main character for merchandise and why there is little chance of Accel World Season 2 to appear.


The Made in Abyss movie on the box office earned about 650 million Japanese yen or about 6 million US Dollars. The film also had 20000 of its blu-ray copies sold alone in Japan. These are massive numbers for any anime movie and the future of a series like Made in Abyss. These are the close numbers to that of movies like Konosuba and No Game No Life. The success of the Konosuba movie is the main thing that affirmed the chances for Konosuba Season 3. So, like this, the movie success of Made in Abyss can also lead to Season 2 of this franchise.

These methods presented above are only a few of the main ones that determine if an anime makes a profit or not. There are also many other profit-making methods for an anime. We won’t be able to place them all here but all of them in their little profits amount to a big number. Some of these methods include OST, sales of opening/ending songs, international license for online streaming, web radio, and other collaborations.


From all the information we could gather here, the Made In Abyss series seems to profitable. Other than the low manga sales, nothing else seems to be doing badly in terms of profits. This means that profits won’t be a problem for the hopes of a sequel.

Section III: Information on Popularity of the Franchise:-


The thing that we are currently interested in as to how the franchise is doing in terms of popularity after its first season and movie. Considering how well the movie was received on the box office, we would not be surprised to see a sharp increase in the popularity.

For this section, we will be taking a look at the social media, Google trends, official website, new merchandise and print copies of the franchise. If the popularity sees a decline like in case of Tokyo Ravens and hwy there is no hope for Tokyo Ravens Season 2, this would be bad.

Social Media:

The Made in Abyss official website got its last update back in 2020 with the new movie available for seeing in Osaka. As for the official twitter account of the franchise, it has about 95K flowers that tweet on a daily basis.

Google Trends:

The popularity graph of the Made in Abyss was at its all-time high back on 7th October, 2020. However, after that I saw a sharp decline. The release of the movie did allow the popularity to rise back to 70 percent of the peak. At the moment, the search volume of the franchise is at 30 percent as compared to others which fall to about 10 to 20 percent.

Light Novels:

We are not sure as to how many print copies are available of the Made in Abyss. In our estimate, there should be around 3 million digital copies in circulation. With a release rate of 1 volume each year, the story sees a great progress. This is not like the case with Norigami which went on a long hiatus and never came back, thus reducing hopes for Norigami Season 3.


Looking at the new merchandise release and sales, it looks optimistic. Made in Abyss, almost every other month, release some new merchandise. The box office movie release also led to an increase in the manufacturing and production of this franchise. So, we can say that all of these are good omens for the popularity of the franchise.


At the moment, the series is enjoying quite a bit of popularity and fans are waiting for the Made in Abyss Season 2. The movie also ignited the passion for a sequel season. Seeing the social media following as well as an increase in merch sales are all on the high graph line.

Is there going to be “Made In Abyss Season 2”:-

To conclude it all; yes, there is really going to be Made in Abyss Season 2 in 2020 as it has been announced a little while ago. As for being sure about the project having a season or more movies, this is not sure-shot information.  While the movie was a great watch, we personally like to see a seasons with 13 more episodes.

We believe that the Season 2 will air sometime in 2021 or most likely at the start of 2022.

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