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Ex-Arm: A Crunchyroll Original Anime Set for January 2021 Release Date

Ex-Arm: A Crunchyroll Original Anime Set for January 2021 Release Date

Ever wonder what would happen if we had the technology to reserve memory? What are the consequences? Have you ever thought about this idea? Well, for all sci-fi enthusiasts who want to know about the achievements of this technology, Ex-Arm animation is your best choice. However, the trailer does not seem to be very popular with the audience, but let’s see what the series has for all the anime freaks! Follow this article to the end to learn everything about animation, its release date and other interesting information.

With the recent trailer released by Crunchyroll, it has been confirmed that the sci-fi animation Ex-Arm will be released soon. Although the trailer was not well received by the audience, Crunchyroll was in no mood to stop and was ready to launch its original Ex-Arm series. Learn about the next part to understand when and where the series will launch.

What is the release date for Ex-Arm?

As confirmed by Crunchyroll, the anime “Front Armed” will launch on Tokyo Max & Sun TV on January 10, 2021. Since the trailer released in November was not well received by the audience, Crunchyroll released a new promotional video. In the latest tweet shared Wednesday, Crunchyroll expressed optimism about its original sci-fi animation. And, everything is ready, you can start producing the animated “Ex-Arm”. Not only did they host the PV, they also claimed that they added new voice actors to the cast of the animated series.

Although they are excited about the next adventure after the release of the new PV for the Ex-Arm anime, fans seem to be a bit disappointed. This is mostly because they used CGI in the trailer, and people don’t particularly like watching anime with this animation.

News of the forearm animation was published even before the pandemic. Yes, the sci-fi animated series was originally scheduled to be released this year. However, after assessing the challenges posed by the global pandemic, they decided to postpone it. Finally, after several delays, they confirmed the release date for the forearm animation.

What is the plot for Ex-Arm anime?

Based on the original manga of the same name, the anime “Forearm” tells the story of a childhood named Akira Natsume. Although he is an expert in explaining electronic products and equipment, he is still concerned about them. Akira’s brother is loved by girls and has extraordinary charm. Therefore, Akira is also determined to find a girlfriend for herself. But things did not benefit him. And sadly, he passed away in an accident.

Many years later, when the intellectual policewoman turned on the extremely advanced AI, the situation changed. She produced AI, the forearm robot, in hopes of monitoring her spaceship. However, to his surprise, the artificial intelligence turned out to be Akira’s memory.

Cast details for Ex-Arm series:-

As the remake of a well-known manga series ExVita, this series Ex-Arm is going to feature lots of amazing characters. If you want to know about them, they are as follows.

Akira Natsume: Voice artist Sōma Saitō

In the manga, Akira, the protagonist of the old gun animation, is shown as a shy boy. He did not reveal his feelings to anyone. You are concerned about electronic devices, but you are no less than an expert in analyzing and explaining electronic devices. To save a girl from accidents, she sacrificed her life. However, when the AI ​​is activated, he will regain his memory and his body along with the policewoman.

Minami Uezono: Voice artist Mikako Komatsu

She is one of the key figures in ancient armed animation. Nan is the policewoman we’ve been talking about. In the original comics, she is a grumpy woman. It is your responsibility to help Akira remember his own memories and organs. Her Android companion for this anime is going to be Arma.

Arma voiced: Voice artist Kari Kitō

As mentioned above, Arma is Minami’s teammate. She is a prototype, so Arma appears silent. Like his partner, he also works for the police. And help them solve the mystery. Thus, you can infer that she will play a vital role in Akira’s resurrection. However, their life expectancy is very short, only 4 years.

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