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Is There Really Going To Be “No Game No Life Season 2” in 2020?

Is There Really Going To Be “No Game No Life Season 2” in 2020?

Among the many of the great Isekai series with amazing animation effects and great art; No Game No Life is certainly one of the best. With all the great aspect of a great anime, the question that has been bothering us for quite some time is why there still isn’t No Game No Life Season 2.

Without the release of the No Game No Life Season 2, fans will be in dark about the questions like Shiro and Sora’s battle with other races and if they can both challenge and defeat Teto; the God of Games. The only other way to learn of these answers is to read the source material of this anime series. In this case, this source material is a light novel but fans still prefer to watch the anime format of the story.


Now, although, the fans are willing to wait for the release of 2nd season, there is a problem at hand. There isn’t actually any official news about the release of even production of No Game No Life Season 2 in 2020.

Figuring Out If There Will Be “No Game No Life Season 2”?

As you know by now that we happen to be an anime freak of the sort who loves to watch animes all day long. Watching these anime series gave us kind of a method that help us deduce the chances for any anime’s sequel. This method is not simple intuition but based on a comprehensive analysis. Our method takes into consideration the source material info, the profit & sales of the franchise, and the popularity of the franchise among the general audience. The method offers a rough estimate if there will be a new season of an anime series or not in near future.

We took this very same method of ours and applied it to No Game No Life Season 2 release date. The information is presented down below in 3 easy to understand parts. So, without waiting for anything else, let’s get onto it.

Source I: Material Information for “No Game No Life Season 2”:-


This is now not that much of a secret that majority of the anime series these days are based off some source material. And this source material happens to be in existence for quite a number of years at least. These source materials can vary in form as they include mangas, light novels, visual novels, games etc. as for the series at hand, No Game No Life; its source material is Light novel.

What we will be doing is checking as to how many of the volumes for this light novel have been released so far. Also, we will check if the story is still continuing in the light novel. If the story has ended then there might be only a little chance for series to have a sequel anime season. The story can also be in its early stages which can increase the prospects for a sequel season like Classroom of the Elite Season 2 that is very much a possibility.

Now what is left to figure here is how many volumes of the No Game No Life light novels have been used in the first season’s adaption. In some cases, an anime series tends to reach the source material. A common example is One Punch Man, which is waiting on One Punch Man Season 3.

How many volumes of No Game No Life are there?

The No Game No Life was released in Japan and it currently has 10 volumes for its light novel. The No Game No Life also has 2 separate manga series based on this light novel series. The first manga series covers the first 2 volumes of the light novel and is telling the story exactly as in the books. As for the other series, that one’s a spin-off series.

Is it still ongoing?

The good news for fans here is that No Game No Life is still ongoing by its author “Yuu Kamiya”. The latest volume got released by publishing house “Clockwork Planet” back on 25th January 2018. The author wrote only 1 book for year 2016 and year 2018. It seems that if like 2019, he still has no plans to write another book for the light novel series.

Which light novels does the anime cover?

The No Game No Life Season 1 aired back in 2014. It was adapted from the light novel volumes 1 to 3. There was also a movie release of the franchise by the name “No Game No Life Zero” which covered the entire volume 6 o the light novel. This tells us that the story for the No Game No Life next season will start from Volume 4.


We conclude from our analysis that there are still 6 more volumes of the light novels that have not been adapted into anime. These volumes are enough to give fans at least 2 more season or 1 season and 2 movies. The bad news here is that of the last 2 years, the author has been on a long hiatus. He has not released a single book for the last 3 years.

Source II: Information on Sales & Profit for “No Game No Life Season 2”:-


If there is not enough profit earned from the release of an anime’s first season then the investors would lose interest in going ahead with it. It makes sense and this has happened before like in the case of wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2. This series could not make enough profits and it looks hard that it will get a sequel.

Any great anime series takes around 3 Million dollars for its making. No Game No Life is a highly popular series that nearly cost around 4 million dollars to make its first season. So in this sale & profit section of our analysis, we will see profits from both the season and the movie release. If the movie performed average or poor on the box office, it could negatively affect the chances for a sequel happening. An example of it is Goblin Slayer Season 2 which is not going to happen due to the movie bombing on box office.

Blu-Ray sales:

The anime was released in Japan on 6 disks and each of them was sold for an average of about 9000 copies. This series also got its BD-box which was released on 24th February 2016 and had a sale of about 1000 copies. Any anime series that gets to around a sale of 10000 copies, it has a great chance for having its sequel. Well, that is unless that series is Accel World, which despite its amazing sales numbers is waiting on news about Accel World Season 2.

Light Novel sales:

The No Game No Life volume 9 of the light novel was released back on 25th August 2016 and had a sale of about 160K copies. As for the latest volume 10, it was released back in 2018 with a sale of 170K copies. These numbers indicate that light novel sales are not the main moneymaker for the franchise. Still, they are outstanding numbers which makes it to be in list of Top 5 Best light novel sellers for each volume. These numbers are on par with highly popular novels like Overlord and everyone is sure about Overlord Season 4 happening.


No Game No Life has 40 figurines available with majority of them of the characters Siro, Jibril, Stephanie, Shiro, and Izuna. The franchise also has 500 other minor merchandise items like a tapestry, mugs, shirts, towels, etc.

The merchandise sales are doing quite well in Japan as well as in the world. A big part of revenue comes from merchandise sales and this gives us hope for No Game No Life Season 2. The release of the movie also helped to boost these merchandise sales which normally doesn’t happen.

We are even surprised to know that even in 2020; lots of figurines for the series are being made. It has been 3 years since the last light novel volume and movie release but in 2020, the franchise released 6 new figurines.

No Game No Life Movie:

The movie of the franchise No Game No Life Zero did a box office business or about 700 million Japanese yen or around 6 million dollars. This film also had a sale of approximately 40000 blu-ray disks in Japan.

Even the production company Kadokawa would not have expected this much business on a budget of 1.5 million dollars. The chances for Konosuba Season 3 also increased after the successful movie business. So, we can say the same for the No Game No Life Season 2.

The things we said above are only few of the main ways for an anime franchise to earn its revenue. Other than that the few notable ones include revenue from OST aka soundtracks, opening ending songs, International streaming license for companies like Yen Press, Sentai, Crunchyroll & Hulu, and many other collaborations.


One thing we are sure of is that this franchise does make lots of money. So we can say for certain that profits won’t be a thing to hinder chances for No game No Life Season 2. But if the site has lost its popularity this year, this might be another thing.

Source III: Information on Popularity of “No Game No Life Season 2”:-


If an anime franchise is not having enough popularity among its fans, there is no point to continue that particular project. An example of low popularity is Tokyo Ravens and why Tokyo Ravens Season 2 has been abandoned a long time ago.

In rare cases, if there is even a little bit of popularity for an anime from its die-hard fans, the season gets green-lit. Still, as we said, it is an uncommon thing.  For an anime like No game No Life, its last season aired 6 years ago. This is a long time for not only production committee but also fans to lose interest. Still, we will see as to how active this franchise really is by looking through it Google trends, social media, official website and number of print copies in circulation.

Social Media:

No Game No Life’s official website had its last update back in 2018. This update was about the release of the Guidebook. As for the No Game No Life official Twitter account, it has over 121K followers with last tweet made in March of 2020. This tweet was about the broadcast of the No game No Life on Abema TV.

Google Trends:

The popularity for No game No Life was at its peak back in 2014 when the first season aired. Then the release of the movie helped these popularity declines but it still remains only 30 percent of its peak. The current total searches for the series is at 10 percent of the peak back in 2014.

Light Novels:

As of 2018, there are around 4.5 million print copies of the No Game No Life light novel. The last volume was published back in January of 2018, so the figures stagnated after few months. This release speed is quite awful as the author released only 2 volumes in the last 4 years. So far in 2020, author has not revealed any new plans for a release.


At the WonFes event in 2020, the production committee announced the release of new figurines of its main characters. This is good news because the merchandise sales were starting to decline. There was also a new merch; a No Game No Life Zero Rubber Mat.


The series is still seemingly popular among fans and the movie even increased it furthermore. Still, if we can pinpoint one bad thing, it is the slow release of the light novel volumes.

The Big Reveal for “No Game No Life Season 2”:-


To sum it all up, we would say that the release of No Game No Life Season 2 is waiting for the right time. We would not be surprised if the news came next year or a year after that and the airing date is for 2023.

The source material is in continuation but the main thing behind these delays is that Studios are busy these days. Even if the project has been green-lit since 2019, it would still take some years for it to air.

In order to learn more updates about No Game No Life season 2, we advise you to keep checking back on this article. We will update anything new here as soon as it comes.

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