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Overlord Season 4 – Will there be a Next Season?

Overlord Season 4 – Will there be a Next Season?
Overlord Season 4

After almost two long years’ time since Overlord’s third season, fans of the famous anime are beginning to ask whether the series will actually return for Overlord Season 4?

Overlord Season 4
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Animes are fan top choice and are enormously cherished by the watchers. The captivating storyline of animes are astonishing and very well keeps the audience connected. One such famous anime is Overlord. It is a Japanese sci-fi manga anime story that has procured an incredible reaction since its release. Three seasons of Overlord have just broadcasted beforehand, and now the fourth season is fit to be dropped off at any point in the near future.

Like the idea of novels or manga, anime fans are used to long breaks between seasons but after a specific measure of time, they begin to stress over possible cancellations.

Without the release of fourth season, we will never learn if Ainz will figure out how to conquer Yggdrasil’s entire world or somebody sufficient will appear to stop him.

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The best way to discover that without a sequel is to peruse the light novels, but after three seasons, the vast majority will stand by and trust that there will be the fourth season.

The issue is that Overlord season 4 did not get formally declared at this point in 2020, and we don’t have the foggiest idea what the odds are that another season of Overlord will get into action this year.

So, how can we figure out the possibilities of it getting released in the near future?

I like to look at the odds of anime getting a release, and I did that for hundreds of animes. The strategy I use is 80% exact. It involves taking a look at the sales, popularity, and source material. That will give you enough data to tell if the anime will get another release.

I applied the same method for Noragami, so on the off chance that you need to know whether there will be the fourth season for Overlord, follow this article.

Source Material Information:

Light novel is the main source material for the Overlord series.

The main thing we need to check is the number of light novels the series has delivered up until now and if the story is going to end soon. On the off chance that the story is finishing, that could hurt the possibilities of its continuation.

Or on the other hand, the story is in the center for Overlord like for Classroom of The Elite. Progressing stories have a superior possibility of getting released, and that is the reason the Classroom of The Elite Season 2 has an improved possibility of getting declared, for instance.

The second most significant thing is the number of light novels got utilized in making the initial three periods of the Overlord. Fourteen light novel volumes of Overlord have been delivered until now. Overlord is dependent on manga series and the light books. The manga arrangement has thirteen books released. Light novels of Overlord are still going on by the author Kugane.

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Nine volumes of light novels have already been used by the Madhouse Anime. So, enough volumes are left to start off the fourth season.

It gives us enough source material which tells us that Overlord will get a sequel and release date by the end of 2020 or in the beginning of 2021. Covid-19 is also a major factor causing the delay in sequel.

Sales & Profit Estimation:

Overlord has already released three seasons which makes it obvious that, they are making money, but every new season makes lesser than the previous one. That is why we need to figure out if the franchise is still profitable or not. It gives a rough idea about the next projects.

When we talk about Overlord’s Blu-Ray sales, the first season sold a huge 12,000 copies for each volume. The subsequent season dropped to simply around 8,000 copies, and the third one was around 6,000 for each vol.

The light novel sales may astound you, but the Overlord is the subsequent smash hit light novel per volume after the Sword Art. Every volume sales around 200,000 copies.

Overlord’s games sales are also pretty high, and it has attracted a number of merchandises like Albedo, Ainz, EvilEye, Narberal, and Shalltear.

The analysis suggests that the profit is still good, and it will not be a problem for the production house to not go-ahead due to profit considerations.

Popularity Stats:

Popularity of Overlord third season can be estimated by looking at social media trends, official website, google results or any other new merchandise.

The first season left very strong popularity among the viewers which compelled the production house to go ahead for further two seasons. Season 2 and 3 were not as much popular as was the first one, but still they performed well.

Overlord’s official website was last refreshed in 2019 with news about the fourteenth light novel volume. The official Twitter represents 109,000 followers tweeted about Overlord.

Shockingly, as indicated by Google trends, the 3rd season of Overlord was the most well-known up until this point. It had twice the number of searches as the first season that started back in 2015.

If we look at these stats, the series is still famous, and it has very chances for the next sequel.


There is no reason that Overlord Season 4 should not get released. The business and even source material suggest that there are bright chances for its announcement. It would be a major astonishment for me if Overlord did not get another season declared in the 2021 or soon.

Try not to anticipate that it should deliver in 2020. I would state Overlord Season 4 delivery date will be in 2021 or, in the most pessimistic scenario, it will get driven into 2022.

I read some speculations that Overlord Season 4 was said to occur at some show. All things considered; I would hang tight for an official declaration about it.

I believe this article helped you comprehend the chances of Overlord Season 4 getting released in 2020.


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